Introducing Studio des Bouvrie

A design studio, showroom and creative lab

Studio des Bouvrie...

…is a Dutch design firm specialized in architecture, interior design, furniture, accessories and art. Situated in a historic arsenal building in Naarden, our design team, creative lab and showroom, are continuously delivering both local and international design innovations. Studio des Bouvrie is open to the public without an appointment and welcomes visitors to experience over 1000 square meters of various inspirational spaces, always incorporating art.

In addition to designing homes and new-build interiors, Studio des Bouvrie also supervises renovations. Furthermore, we are the right partner for the restyling of your current interior. Did you know that in addition to displaying home accessories in our location ‘Het Arsenaal’ in Naarden, we also sell them from stock?

Our colorful roots

The studio was founded by the creative couple Jan and Monique des Bouvrie. While Des Bouvrie has a long history in using nuances of black and white in furniture design, interior design and architecture, we like to be known for being the Dutch design studio that uses the full spectrum of colors! Black and white are the carriers of all colors. We believe it is the client and the assignment that determines the palette we use when designing contemporary spaces.

Innovation overthrowing the status quo

Des Bouvrie is well known being an innovator. In the 80’s, Jan made the world look differently at living. He overthrew the status quo by showing on how to turn a traditional home into a real living space where many aspects of life come together. The contemporary open kitchen and kitchen island were revolutionary at the time. Studio des Bouvrie pioneered the thought a living space will grow along with you as a person, paving the way for many furniture superstores and interior design love across the globe.

Jan des Bouvries work is based on his belief that:

“A living space is the translation of your personality”.

This motto forms the basis of all our current bespoke design activities.

Our mission

At Studio des Bouvrie, we translate the personality of our clients into extraordinary (interior) architecture and interior design. By combining personality with aesthetics, functionality and art, we deliver remarkable projects. Every day we work passionately on translating the ideas of our valued customers, without using a fixed recipe or limited use of colours. Our multidisciplinary design team guides and aims to alleviate during the entire process from concept to turnkey delivery. Our track record of surprise, dedication, professionalism and service are proof of the success of our daily mission.

Our vision

Studio des Bouvrie strives to maintain its position as a renowned interior and architecture company. Our team continues to develop its creative work through international research, trade shows and inspiration including the art scene.

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