Architectural Design

Translating the personality of our clients into extraordinary buildings

Our architectural projects vary from residential to commercial. We start by exploring the personality of our clients through listening and open conversation and then turn our initial ideas into hand drawn sketches. We believe that hand sketching ignites creativity. Many design and architecture icons were born on sketching paper, beer mats or cigar boxes. Our founding father Jan des Bouvrie drew many of the initial sketches of his design icons on the latter.

When we and our clients find the right direction, we turn to the digitized world and use the computer to create virtual worlds for our customers to experience.

During the process from intake to construction, we work together with partners -builders, craftsmen, artists- all with an identical drive for detailing and quality.

Our architectural services

  • Concepts and design
  • 3D rendering
  • Project management
  • Construction supervision with emphasis on aesthetics

Architectural Design